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This summer we have had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Scott, Franchise Development Manager for RBS, to Angels HQ.

This gave the team an opportunity to showcase various elements of the business and seek feedback from an expert in the industry. Mark, who has been in banking for c.30 years, knows everyone and everything there is to know in the franchise sector and is enjoying the emergence of the disruptive sector showing that the potential of franchising is merely in its youth, there is so much more to come. As market place disruptors ourselves we made the most of Mark’s visit to show him our in-house systems and processes specifically designed for and owned by Domestic Angels.

Mark had an interview with our #1 franchisee, Deb Broomfield of the Christchurch territory who made a massively positive impression sharing her story, passion and business acumen gained since joining Domestic Angels. Mark indulged us in extensive chatting time so we could talk about the wider picture of the current economic market, why buying a management franchise is increasingly popular, thinking around the changing market and, most importantly on this occasion, how the speciality of an RBS Relationship Manager can support and enhance Domestic Angels Franchising. It is often these ‘chats’ which deliver the real golden nuggets of wisdom and opportunity.
Positive partnerships with our suppliers not only makes life easier, it provides more opportunities and expert input to ensure Domestic Angels delivers the best possible framework, package and support to our franchisees.


If you would like to find out more about the Domestic Angels franchise opportunity, email franchise@domestic-angels.com or call 01202 267350.