As a franchisee, you will receive:

Best in Class Training


Your own Exclusive territory


A Proven, award-winning business model


Operational systems and ongoing training


Access to our Management Support Systems


Marketing and Sales support


The business can easily be run from home, it has been since 2002, therefore start-up costs are low and you can have a flexible working environment. Working from home allows us all to keep on top of family and personal tasks during the daytime rather than having it all to do in the evening when you could be focussed on your family or personal priorities

Pre-launch training

You will benefit from on-line training and learning in addition to residential orientation (when possible) covering customer service, PR, social media, staff management, recruitment and customer processes. And it doesn’t end there, it’s in our interest to ensure your success, we’re here for you and will be visiting to hold your hand too.

Ethical employment

Staff are valued as much as customers. By offering full employment rights supported by our processes and Head Office expertise, staff will become your ambassadors, not just somebody’s cleaner, your team. We want to make sure you get this process as right as possible and will give you access to our in-house software ‘Halo’ to keep you on track as well as having experts on tap for any tricky situations.

Download our Expert Guide to read about the top 10 mistakes folk make when setting up a cleaning company