The advantages of buying into a Business with Experience

We have a limited number of Franchise opportunities available for people who want to join the team and enjoy the levels of success that working with a leading provider can support. Working from home you will be responsible for your own territory, attracting and servicing clients using the proven techniques and strategies of our Franchise model.

There’ll be plenty of help and support as you grow your business and you’ll have a great team of existing Franchisees to give you tips and advice, as well as regular guidance, training and support from our international team.

Award winning business model

Head Office Team dedicated to supporting you

Established automated essential processes

‘Halo’ our in-house #smartdiary to manage staff and clients

The thought of establishing your own home-based business is so attractive yet the thought of doing this alone starting with a blank sheet of paper is totally daunting, in fact it is nearly suffocating to your inner entrepreneur. The benefits of taking back control of your life and time are more than just desirable, they are compelling many of us to take action so how are we addressing the challenge of ‘going it’ alone?

It’s not apparent to the general public or even new entrants to the start-up business market that many business owners are making use of pre-tested, established, proven products and methods. Rather than going into business alone, they have invested in an existing business model which has been especially adapted for replication providing the purchaser with the processes and formulas to be successful business owners with substantially reduced risk and high levels of support. Starting a business from scratch involves a financial outlay at some point, these investors chose to take this step right upfront and know exactly what they are getting for their money.

Even more exciting, such options are now growing providing more home business opportunities than ever before. These are full rounded structures making the owner a manager, an employer, a business development expert and a voice in their own communities. The advantages of following this route become obvious with the over arching point being that investors enjoy the independence of small business ownership with the benefits of a big business network.

There are many work from home ideas in the market place for you to choose from. The Domestic Angels option positions you as manager of your very own home based business working from home. You will be able to draw on our brand strength, established in 2002 with a strong identifiable brand and reputation, you will have the opportunity to share in our existing and future success. You will have a territory to develop that is local to you with specific postcode areas local to your home making your network of customers accessible and natural. As a member of a business community you will be encouraged to know and work with your neighbouring Domestic Angels owners to mutual benefit. You will have the best of both worlds, be your own boss and be supported by a team. Aside from the initial set-up investment, this is not a capital intensive investment and therefore represents a low-risk opportunity. The biggest investment you will make is your time and energy. Domestic Angels is not looking to recruit a large number of new owners at any one time so we are able to offer you a high level of personal support. We want to make sure we give you the time you deserve. Your success is our success. The business can easily be run from home, it has been since 2002! Set up costs are low and you can have a flexible working environment. Working from home allows us all to keep on top of family and personal tasks during the daytime rather than having it all to do in the evening when you could be focussed on your family and personal priorities. You will benefit from on-line training and learning covering customer service, PR, social media, recruitment and customer processes. And, it doesn’t end there, it’s in our interest to ensure your success, we’re here for you and will be visiting or in contact to hold your hand too. Staff are valued as much as customers. By offering full employment rights supported by our on-line processes and Head Office expertise, staff will become your ambassadors. We want to make sure you get this process as right as possible.

As the founder of Domestic Angels, I have years of experience of running the business you are going to invest in. Along with my team, we have the historical knowledge to help you in a wide range of business situations and the established strength to be constantly developing our combined future. We’re not just another ‘work from home business for sale’, Domestic Angels is one of the strongest home based opportunities for aspiring business owners across the UK.

 “We are looking for potential franchisees whose work ethic, vision and values match those of Domestic Angels – values that are based on family, community, trust and professionalism.”

 “Not only has this given me the chance to fulfil my own business goals, but it also means that I have the freedom to manage my own time with my family. The structure and support from the the DA team is second to none”


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