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A Domestic Angels strategy meeting is an opportunity to put our franchise partners centre stage, together. The purpose? To evolve, enrich, support and listen to our franchise partners. Engagement. Our spring ’19 focus is communication and IT. Industry leader, Lindsay Shepherd, led the morning session gently peeling back the layers to enable everyone to consider ‘Communicating With Purpose’. The result? Openness, discussion, conscious communication, providing tools to use in business and personal life. At lunch we were joined by the ultimate IT developer, Andy of Triple W Design, to review our in house operational software, to seek the input of the coal face users, our franchise partners. Result? Perfections and suggestions that will enhance our customer experience.

Taking care of our franchise partners is our number one priority as franchisors. The Domestic Angels brand is strong and customer demand high. Franchise partners need us to ‘be there’ to support as they grow into their roles as owner-managers, employers and business leaders. We achieve this commitment through our ‘touchpoint policy’:

  • Email communication regularly throughout the working week
  • Chat on the phone at least once per week
  • A monthly 121
  • Termly strategy meeting all together

The success of our franchise partners is our success, we want to make this work for each and everyone of them. Our commitment to giving people back their time and their lives isn’t just a set of words, it is a set of effective actions which achieve our goal.

If you would like to find out more about the Domestic Angels franchise opportunity, email franchise@domestic-angels.com or call 01202 267350.