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Domestic Angels has successfully completed the audit and assessment process of the British Franchise Association (bfa) to be awarded membership.  The comprehensive audit evaluates all areas of the franchise business so that the bfa can confidently recommend Domestic Angels. For the bfa, it is key that people looking to invest in a franchise brand can ensure that they are buying into an ethical, proven and truly transferable business. The bfa stamp of approval is a major milestone for everyone at Domestic Angels.

As the trusted partner in franchising, the core aim of the bfa is to support and influence high quality ethical business format franchising in accordance with the European Code of Ethics. The bfa proactively collaborates with government, academia, the media, other trade associations and the UK public on what constitutes franchising best practice. Joining the bfa community as a franchisor shows the commitment of Domestic Angels to ethical and sustainable franchising, acting as a tick of approval to show that this franchise business meets the high standards upheld by the bfa.

The team at Domestic Angels have worked hard over the years and collaborated with institutions and individuals such at the MBA cohort at Bournemouth University and David Holland, The Business Co-Pilot in Luxembourg. These combinations have ensured the evolution of a truly ethical business model reflecting 21st century values with a clear vision to establish successful franchise business owners across the UK.

More information about Domestic Angels at the British Franchise Association can be found by clicking here and you can read about our membership of the bfa by clicking here.

A Domestic Angels Franchise puts you in control of your own time, life and money with limitless potential.
Join our Domestic Angels Franchisee Team and…
 ✨ work on your own business with the security of an established business structure
 ✨ feel supported with an extended franchise family behind you
 ✨ focus on customer service, your team and making a difference in people’s lives!

We’re looking for people who want to have fun, work hard and play hard.
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