What sort of people become franchisees?

We are looking for potential franchisees whose work ethic, vision and values match those of Domestic Angels – values that are based on family, community, trust and professionalism. You will also have:

Incredible customer service focus

Independent thinking and clear decision making capabilities

Great organisational skills and a good level of computer skills

Business acumen with sales and marketing confidence

There are many successful business owners around the world who are franchise owners, possibly even multi-franchise owners. These are entrepreneurs with a very special combination of strengths who thrive and grow within the franchise arena. Their decision to seek out a business franchise to buy was no mistake. In the 21st century world of franchising, options aren’t just big ticket or multi-layer marketing, they are sophisticated home based opportunities making you a manager, an employer and owner of a long-term successful business with a future. Can you identify with the following traits for success?

Motivated by results – you really enjoy achieving as an individual and as a team leader. You like goals, fulfilling them and you constantly review the route you are taking to these achievements to stay on track for success

Eyes on the prize – you are happy to roll up your sleeves and put in the time for work and play, it’ll pay off in the long run. You imagine the possibilities for the future as a long-term result that motivates your day to day activities

Chief cheerleader – you can make business happen, care about success and recognise efforts. You don’t expect to sit back and wait for business to come to you, you like to get out there and not only find it but attract it due to your enthusiasm. You recognise and relate to others who have your same ‘get up and go’ attitude to life

Optimist – your glass is always half full, you see opportunities not threats, you see options not problems. You focus on solutions rather than wasting time pondering what went wrong or what might have been

People Person – you can identify, relate to and empathise with your clients, keep good moral amongst your team, succeed at networking and become a voice within your community. You are quick to understand that regardless of what business you are in, everyone is a customer of your communications with clients and employees the most important factors in your success. Building relationships and keeping in favour come very naturally to you

Plan for success – you like direction, a plan for success, basically business model+you=success. You know you have the traits for success, put these together with a proven business model and all the support and processes required of a good quality franchise and you offset the business and personal risks which would concern you going it alone.

Resilient – you trust in the future, keep setbacks in perspective, they are part of the bigger picture. You can’t be held back by pessimism. Challenges excite you, they get you up in the morning and make you bubble over with intrigue and energy. You know that your combination of traits means that things will always get better, bouncing back from adversity is so normal for you that others don’t even realise you were in an adverse situation

Cool and collected – the world around you knows you to be consistent and composed, you address issues with minimal reluctance. You always have a good idea of what is going on but very little causes you to panic or cause a scene, your ability to focus on solution and the future overrides everything else resulting in success. Focussing on essential and important tasks keeps you calm and gives your team members and customers peace of mind

If you can see yourself in the above descriptions, chances are you have the confidence, drive and enthusiasm to be a successful franchise business owner. Technology has made it possible for you to have the best of both worlds, the strength of a solid business model which has been franchised together with home business opportunities to achieve the work life balance of your choice. The Domestic Angels Management Franchise achieves exactly this combination allowing our franchisees to establish their own home based business using all of our award winning business model processes, total support from the head office team and encouraging you to be the best you possibly can be. As a culture, all this needs to happen whilst not forgetting the important things in life such as family, friends, past times and adventures, all of which combine to spur us on to continue success.

Domestic Angels could be your own successful home-based business. Based on an award-winning business model where you follow the proven system and processes to replicate the success of the original business. Our aim, to give you your time and life back. Your aim, to do the same for your staff and customers. Join the Angels family day by calling 0333 577 2650 or email franchise@domestic-angels.com.

 “We are looking for potential franchisees whose work ethic, vision and values match those of Domestic Angels – values that are based on family, community, trust and professionalism.”


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