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Juggling work with parenting is a challenge and can often result in parents sacrificing work progression or fulfilment to be able to be the parents they wish to be. With the Domestic Angels Management Franchise, you can give your role as parent equal status to your role as business owner without either losing out.

Our business model was developed specifically to give our founding director, Samantha Acton, the means to be at the school gates, play or trip as well as enjoy the fulfilment and satisfaction of business development. Helping with homework and homecooked family meal times have not compromised income and business potential or visa versa.

If you understand that your personal development is as important as your children’s, that you would like to develop a business that will take care of you through the school years and beyond, then the Domestic Angels management franchise is for you.

If you would like to find out more about the Domestic Angels franchise opportunity, email franchise@domestic-angels.com or call 01202 267350.