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sam-saveIt’s taken a few generations but we’re getting there, women in business can now confidently and proudly declare that their profit is calculated on the happiness scale more so than by the bank balance. We no longer need to declare that our mission is to conquer the world and make mega millions. We can be honest, be ourselves, be feminine and quirky in our own ways and not only declare that a good work/life balance is our priority but substantiate it.

The infographic from the NatWest monitor is the hard evidence for the cynics hanging onto the 20th century. Having a good work/life balance is a no brainer for the female entrepreneur of 2017 because it is clear to us that our life memories are far more important than our work memories. We have happiness values in bucket loads, for us materialistic values are in the tv vaults with Dallas and shoulder pads. Furthermore, we have found out that if we do what makes us happy, we can also make money.

By being focussed on happiness rather than sustainable profitability, we create businesses which are more customer focussed than ever. We know who we are and what makes us happy, in turn our customers know how we are going to make them satisfied, they connect with us and enjoy a personalised cultural experience. They feel good, so do we, and we all keep going back for more. With our focus on having enough income to live on and flexibility of business around our lives, customers are attracted by our lack of heavy sales and identify with our values, they want the same as us, their empathy breeds loyalty, supporting their own dreams.

Breaking with long standing perceptions, Domestic Angels is one of the new era of home-based franchises on the market which breaks the materialistic mould instead generating profit and happiness in equal balance for its franchisees. Trading since 2002, the Angels can fully substantiate their winning formula that hits an excellent work/life balance, providing sufficient flexibility and income to do ‘life’ yet enough challenges to grow franchisees as business owners. Director, Samantha Acton says “I deliberately created a business which fulfilled my need for happiness in all areas of my life and not have work as the dominant time consumer. I want to share this opportunity with other budding business owners. As it goes these days, I probably work just as much as I did in my ‘career’ the difference being that I do it all for myself and I genuinely enjoy my work, it’s not work, it’s fun, it’s about helping others to be happy.’ Times have changed, for the better.


If you would like to find out more about the Domestic Angels franchise opportunity, email franchise@domestic-angels.com or call 01202 267350.