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On Friday 7th June, director of Domestic Angels Franchising Samantha Acton, was crowned the winner of the Innovation Award 2019 at the SWiB Awards. The award was given to reflect the innovative determination Sam has demonstrated in evolving and diversifying the business and in particular for the design and development of software which runs the back office of the franchise network. The software, described as a ‘smart diary’, is now available on the open market and known as Paxan Solutions.

“This recognition is overwhelming, I am very grateful. For me, it’s all about the team. The team who inspire me, allow my business creativity to flow and become reality. They not only allow me to be innovative, they energise me to be this way. Innovation underpins our disruptive evolution directly contributing to our communal success” says Sam.

The Franchise Partners at Domestic Angels are very much part of the winning formula in Sam’s eyes. Deb Broomfield, Franchise Partner Christchurch says “Winning this award is important to me as an individual as I feel personally proud to have joined such a successful growing company and be part of its continuing growth and strength.   It also is important for my business as it strengthens the brand name and installs a firm belief in what we do. It makes me feel inspired and gives me a sense of how hard work and dedication can be noticed and recognised.  It gives me the enthusiasm and courage to continue doing what I am doing and the excitement of what the future holds.”

Hazel Burnett, Franchise Partner Bournemouth Central Parks, commented “Being part of the Domestic Angels Group of Companies that is award winning in innovation is fabulous. We’re not a static business. We strive to move forwards in all areas enabling not just ourselves but others to grow and gain strength. This award is for the Angels, the management, the Franchise Partners and the wider team who work so hard in the background. We have all worked together to create what we do.”

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