Who is Hazel Burnett…?

Hazel is a superhero.

Hazel is Mum to 4, grandmother to 2, Tawny Owl at Brownies, committed charity supporter as well as manager of her own Domestic Angels business. All fuelled by Haribos.

Hazel has extensive hospitality industry experience at management level in family run environments, retail sector and resourceful side hustles to supplement incomes.

I met Hazel through our activity in local trading associations. I had the privilege of witnessing Hazel in her retail business at the point of High Street demise which showed her to be resilient, resourceful and determined. No roadblock, or any other block, was insurmountable, Hazel found creative solutions or lateral thinking routes to establish her changes in direction and her foot never came off the determination throttle. Her ‘why’ was clear, she was determined to use her extensive mixed bag of skills and knowledge to do the best for her family and be the very best Mum she could be regardless of what life threw at her.

How did we meet…?

How did Domestic Angels connect – why did she buy, what was her decision process…?

Early in 2017, Hazel made the courageous decision to not fight the demise of the High Street any longer. She could do this confidently knowing that she had exhausted all options. As soon as I heard of Hazel’s decision, I picked up the phone and invited her to Domestic Angels HQ to meet the team, no commitment, no obligation merely a friendly invitation to a fellow business owner. Hazel visited bringing cakes for the team, she won their hearts, they gave her a phone and embraced her as a fellow team member. Hazel’s broad range of skills, flexibility and passion for customer service made us all feel as though she had always been part of the team so much so that later that year it was only natural that I offered Hazel a franchise so she could resume her role as a business owner and leader in the local community. Hazel chatted with family, especially her Dad, asked questions and elegantly moved into the role of owner of Domestic Angels Bournemouth Central Parks.

What’s the story so far…?

What has happened since, outline numbers of Angels, contracts and performance

Not every franchise journey is a bed of roses and when we have had a lifetime of fighting to survive, switching to thriving isn’t always the easiest gear change. Add to this a couple of major personal life changing moments and I can honestly say that Hazel and I have been through a lot together. Hazel has bounced back again and again regardless of what has been thrown at her, I admire and respect Hazel. Full stop. In recent times Hazel has begun to show conversion to thriving, a state of mind and business that she fully deserves.

How to become a Franchisee…

Email franchise@domestic-angels.com tell us why you would like your own Domestic Angels business


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