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Working from home, flexibility, be your own boss, time for your family, the 4 crucial factors you have identified that will add quality and value to your life. At Domestic Angels we have been enjoying these crucial factors since 2002 and now we are able to share our business with you.

Working from home – Domestic Angels was founded in 2002 deliberately to be a home-based business. This enabled our founder to enjoy the quality of time in her life whilst growing a multi-award-winning business. Today, our franchisees enjoy the same benefit of home-based working through our long established and proven business model creating their own successful local businesses with the knowledge and support of a nationally known brand.

Flexibility – there will always be moments in your own business when tasks just have to be completed whether it is convenient or not but on the whole you will be able to plan your workload to suit you and your energies. In effect you will be making your work life work for you. Running your own business isn’t always easy or even plain sailing so there will be times when you have to really get stuck in but this is balanced by the times when you can step back.

Be your own boss – Domestic Angels is a management business, as the manager you will recruit and manage your team, find and take care of your customers all to create your own local business. Yes, the Domestic Angels franchise will give you the processes and framework for your business and we will set your goals for success and be your accountability buddy so that whilst you will be your own boss, you will definitely not be alone.

Time for your family – Covid has taught many people that the commodity they now seek the most is time. A Domestic Angels franchise is probably one of the most powerful and cost-effective methods of buying time for you and your family and the services you will provide as a franchisee enables your customers to buy some of that time too. Everyone wins.

When you become part of Domestic Angels, you not only become part of a business, you become part of a movement that allows everyone to take control of their time, lives and money.

Call 01202267350 or email franchise@domestic-angels.com TODAY to book your Discover Domestic Angels Meeting