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The answer to this question could be endless as the combinations of support, training and services varies widely which means there is the perfect combination out there for everyone. As I am an expert in my own business, I will provide the answer in the context of Domestic Angels, the management business providing home business opportunities across the UK.


Your objective as a business owner is to focus on business development, recruitment, staff engagement and management. To keep you focussed on your objectives, Head Office take care of:

  • Creating and issuing invoices
  • Reconciliation and initial chasing of invoices
  • Maintaining and producing your aged receivables report
  • Your staff payroll
  • Providing you with our in-house software, Halo, to help you follow our defined processes. Halo covers:
    • The customer management process from first contact, to live, to termination
    • The staff management process from first contact, the whole recruitment process, to launch & establishment and termination
    • The scheduling process to manage your staff and customer bookings
  • Our commitment to engagement through our touchpoint framework:
    • Speedy receptionist – when we relay inbound messaging to you accurately and swiftly
    • All response – when we respond to your personal inbound communications in a timely and full manner
    • Weekly touch point – a chat on the phone as and when appropriate, to touch base
    • Monthly 121s – a formal face to face meeting to talk about progress, concerns and opportunities
    • Termly strategy meetings – all business owners and Head Office together, in addition to a themed element, owners look at and influence company strategy, focus and its delivery
    • Project consultation – business owners engage and contribute to companywide projects influencing outcome
  • Content and deliverables for termly cascade to your staff
  • Training modules for you and your staff



This is the big advantage of being part of a network of business owners, you are not alone. Work from home ideas do not need to be individuals alone selling, you can be part of a network employing and managing your own team as well as enjoy the convenience of being able to work from home. Through our touchpoint framework and owner network we keep up to speed with how you are getting on and what challenges life is throwing at you, usually in addition to the day job! We’re an ear on the end of the phone, mentors to guide you, experts with bags of experience and the energy you need when the going gets tough. Having run Domestic Angels since 2002, we know how it feels to be the business owner at the same time as being parent, relative, friend and, when there is time, yourself. Many years have passed since we opened our doors for business and we still celebrate the benefits of our home-based opportunities.




As you are a highly organised, personable and resourceful individual, you’ll be keen to open your doors for business and begin trading. Our training will supplement your natural instinct with the following modules:

  • Customer Service, you know what great looks like, let’s talk about it and how you will make it a reality with your team
  • Halo, using our in-house software covering:
    • Customer management process
    • Staff management process
    • Schedule management
  • Social media, we share our knowledge, best practices and standards so that you can shout about your business as much as you like, we’ll still keep an eye to make sure you are successful

This is a relatively detailed overview of what services, support and training we provide at Domestic Angels. We pride ourselves in being evolutionary adding to and perfecting what we have to offer on a regular basis reflecting the needs of our business owners, changes in regulation and IT. We recognise the importance of research for anyone looking for a work from home business for sale. Our mission is to give people their time and lives back through our award-winning business model. To this end, we welcome the opportunity to talk through all of our services, support and training with prospective business owners who are serious about owning and developing their own home-based business to work for their own success.

If you would like to find out more about the Domestic Angels franchise opportunity, email franchise@domestic-angels.com or call 01202 267350.