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A management franchise is when the business owner manages the operation of the business whilst relying on employees to carry out the work to deliver the required service. Traditionally this format of franchise is found in the B2B arena where services or products are delivered by one business to another. The Domestic Angels management franchise breaks with tradition bringing the management franchise format into the B2C (business to customer) arena providing highly sought after home business opportunities delivering services and products direct to customers. If you are considering a business franchise to buy as an option for having your own home based opportunities, then read on and find out more about what you can expect.

Whilst there are many forms of franchising the arrangement has basic common denominators. It is when an arrangement is formed between a business, the franchisor, and an individual or group of people (the franchisee) who wish to start their own venture using the franchisors business model. The franchisee immediately benefits from a fully formed business model with all of its component parts and the support services offered by the franchisor. The ideal scenario is a franchisor offering a business model which they have themselves run for several years proving that is and will be successful and giving them tonnes of experience to be able to guide and mentor their franchisees in a meaningful manner. All of this and the franchisee is still running their very own business.

The Domestic Angels management franchise is based on a business model originally established in 2002 and has not only survived but also thrived during that time regardless of recession. This fact alone proves that the risk factor of starting your own new business is heavily reduced by buying into this particular model. Peace of mind which all new entrepreneurs seek.

The franchise market place is vast, full of different models covering every business and service sector possible. Prospective franchisees are spoilt for choice making the research phase potentially daunting. You can narrow your research fairly quickly by deciding if you want to work alone, be a manager (management franchise), prefer to work from home or at a designated building. Put these decisions together with your personal affordability and your research time should shrink quite rapidly.

As a management franchise, the Domestic Angels initial fee is a snip at £10,000. This is a discounted figure for the company’s first signed-up franchisees. After those initial sign-ups the cost is £12,997. We’ve been able to keep costs low compared to the market place because we have been running the business for a very long time, educated ourselves to become experts in the full business arena and yet still, like our franchisees, run the business from home.

Of course, we have costs to be able to provide our franchisees with the correct support, development costs etc. These are funded by royalties as per any other franchise model, ours is set at 10% and some fixed overheads covering social media, software, bookkeeping etc. Our current franchisees have reviewed these costs to ensure they are realistic and reasonable, so we can be confident that they are based on ‘real business’ operations costs and needs.

It’s not often new franchise territories earn money from day one but even from the outset with our first franchisee, money has been earned from the outset. This is not necessarily much to begin with as customers often pay a week or even a month after their services however this gives earnings a snowball effect and once you are underway, there is little stopping the momentum.

Whilst a management franchise can provide you with a full model and framework to use from day one, we don’t necessarily ask that you have experience in the franchise sector or even in running your own business. We are far more interested in your motivation, willingness to work hard and synergy with our ethos and values. There are so many people out there who are highly organised, focussed with high customer service standards who could make fantastic management franchisees. These key skills coupled with our formula is the bonus when joining Domestic Angels.

So what can expect from our formula? We provide you with marketing and PR support, customer service training, instruction on using our processes and great communication. And we don’t leave it at just that, we carry this on throughout your time with us, your success is our success. And because we want you to focus on what you are good at, customer service and being a manager, our head office takes care of your bookkeeping and accountancy provision

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Domestic Angels management franchisee, contact us today on 01202 267350 or franchise@domestic-angels.com. Let’s talk about your business future.