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We are an award finalist for ‘Best Franchisor’ at the BEST Business Women Awards!!!

“I founded Domestic Angels in 2002 providing housework, home help and spring cleaning services into client’s private homes. Believing strongly that domestic cleaning staff deserve as much respect as any other worker, I employed my staff guaranteeing holiday pay, flexible hours arrangements, NI payments, insurance and all the bells which the industry so often doesn’t provide its workers due to being dominated by either the black market or businesses structured as agencies. The evolutionary years were not a smooth ride learning how to be an employer, a recruiter, a salesperson and how to deliver great customer service. In fact, every element of running a small business, including completing the monthly payroll on paper with pencil and rubber. Every bump taught me how to run the business better, to perfect processes, to introduce structure and grow, ultimately resulting in the National Venus Award 2013 for Home Based Business. This life event made me admit that I was, and still am, an entrepreneur and classically unemployable.

These days my industry is both domestic cleaning and the franchise sector, yet my passion is for the same reason, I give people their lives and time back. Our Angels help in homes freeing up time and energy in clients’ lives – things like being able to do homework with the kids after a long day at work or using the very little pain free energy they have to be with friends. We offer our Angels the hours and security they need to honour their priorities as parents, carers or students. Our franchisees establish their own home-based businesses allowing the same indulgences. With more and more individuals seeking to establish their own businesses with these values, sharing the message that affordable, well-structured, accessible and proven franchise models are an excellent option is very important to UK PLC.

Domestic Angels Franchising provides a management franchise business that gives budding entrepreneurs their lives and time as well as a tried and tested business framework which they can succeed within with 100% support.”

If you would like to find out more about the Domestic Angels franchise opportunity, email franchise@domestic-angels.com or call 01202 267350.