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Domestic Angels Franchisees

As social distancing began, the Domestic Angels Covid-19 attrition rate gathered pace as customers gradually decided to cease having anyone visit in their homes. This devasted each of the franchisee’s businesses, it’s not possible to convert home help, housework or even spring cleaning into an on-line service. The team were asked about implementing a token client retention fee to be held as a future credit on service resumption as per other service providers. The reaction, no, definitely not, we are all in this together. This team has integrity.

Amongst the client base are a number of vulnerable people who wouldn’t see anyone or have any support under the lockdown provision, dementia doesn’t cope with a stranger volunteering. Again, the team were consulted, their decision was to retain a skeleton staff to continue service to the vulnerable even if this meant trading at a severe loss rather than close. Continuity was also offered to our NHS keyworker clients who were then in with a better chance of health and sanity with homes looked after. This team has moral backbone.

As they watched their businesses take the Covid-19 impact, their own incomes suffer, they kept touch with customers especially those alone. They took care of the many staff who were furloughed and those who stepped forward to take care of our vulnerables. They achieved all of this whilst home-schooling, pivoting their businesses for resumption, engaging in marketing activity and growing as business leaders in their communities. This team is simply heroic.

A word from Andy, UK Head of Franchising HSBC

“Sometimes you have an idea that is obvious and just feels right. 

In some ways, in my role as Head of Franchise for HSBC, I could say, I have had a good lockdown. Yes, the team and I have really felt the responsibility of working for a financial institution at a time when our support (in words and actions) have a direct effect on our clients and those around us. But we have not had to deal with furloughing, and working from home with no face to face interactions, we are putting ourselves at minimum physical risk.

This is not the case in so many franchise businesses, at all levels, whether franchisor, franchisee or those who are employed by either. From this, the idea of Community Heroes was born. How can we recognise the resilience and bravery of so many who represent our industry. There you have it, three positive R words, Recognise, Resilience and Represent. 

We have the awards on the 30th November, what a wonderful occasion to celebrate those who deserve it most !! 

As far as I am concerned the more nominated the better!”

A word from Pip, CEO The British Franchise Association

“Franchising has shown true resilience throughout 2020, and we know there will be more to come. I would like to encourage you all to join us in celebrating the true passion, dedication and humility that has been evidenced. Let’s recognise the franchise industry for the place it truly is and embrace the collective recognition of our amazing franchising colleagues.”