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The Momentum Day 2020 held at the fashionable Urban Reef was a sold-out event attracting a full house of Mums in business from across the UK. The audience arrived enthusiastically to enjoy a full day event of practical business training and inspiration.  Amongst the speaker line up for the day was Domestic Angels director, Sam Acton who was invited along to talk about scaling up business, it’s pains and pleasures.

Sam says “Growing your own business is challenging but mostly challenging to our own limitations which are often defined by the extent of our confidence. Because of this I opened the session encouraging the audience to be comfortable outside of their normal comfort zone, to be liberated in a state of business creativity. We then moved onto a brief overview of how Domestic Angels grew, became a franchise and created a global FinTech business. The session closed with my top 5 tips bespoke to the audience and a vibrant Q&A session.”  Other keynote speakers included Barbara Cox, International Nutritionist and Author, Cori Javid, Success Coach and Business Mentor making the day of great value to all. “I would like to thank event organiser Erin Thomas-Wong for inviting me to be amongst this year’s speakers and to congratulate her on such a successful event”

Momentum Day delegate, Georgina Ash of Grub Productions messaged Sam Acton to say “Thank you so much for your talk yesterday at The Momentum Day – I really enjoyed it, especially the notion that your comfort zone is not really that comfortable after a while! Brilliant stuff”

When you become part of Domestic Angels, you not only become part of a business, you become part of a movement that allows everyone to take control of their time, lives and money.
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