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On Tuesday 25th April, our Domestic Angels business owners, supervisors and transformational coach, Michaela Smith, got together at the incredible Christchurch Sailing Club for our summer term meeting.

Our focus was entirely on mindset. Our personal development. To evolve our businesses, we need to take time to evolve ourselves. Evolution definitely happened at this meeting!

The session was facilitated by Michaela who is the kindest most powerful coach I’ve met in a long time. We all felt safe in her hands and she delivered an incredible and beneficial experience. Michaela wrote the following testimonial on Linkedin:

“What a fabulous morning!!

Thank you Samantha Acton for inviting me to speak to your incredible group of business ladies about #beliefs, #thoughts, #selfawareness and a big topic of


A huge topic for all of us and particularly for anyone running their own #business. We all have our own money story that runs our lives. Unfortunately most of the time #unconsciously.

We have also done a live coaching in the group which always brings powerful energy of breakthroughs and connections.

Congratulations Sam on building an amazing business! ❤️

How would you feel about owning your own Domestic Angels business, about being in business for yourself but not by yourself? Let’s talk it through, contact me as follows:

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Email sam@domestic-angels.com

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Have a great weekend


Director of Domestic Angels