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This year we shall ooooooooze customer service.

This year’s Domestic Angels Spring 2023 Strategy Meeting was all about customer service in the 360 engagement sense (if you are a Fredric Laloux fan like myself, we were totally teal).

It was incredible. Firstly, I had the great privilege of constantly topping up the tea and coffee cups, handing round the cakes, the lunch and finally pouring the wine. Not to make a customer service point BUT because I know what it feels like to be a working Mum who looks after everybody else including business before herself. At these meetings I can look after my team. Make sure they have hot drinks instead of warm drinks, hot food when it’s ready not warm food after dealing with everyone else.

We set the customer service scene, reviewed the whole experience in the context of the new customer behaviour culture which has established during 2022. Something we have been working on a lot, yesterday was a chance to look at the nitty gritties. We even had a guest speaker live from #luxembourg

The team came up with evolutionary and revolutionary ideas, they are on the yellow sticky notes in the photograph below. Each suggestion will be actioned enhancing our Ops Manual, IT, marketing, staff engagement, just about every area of the business.

This is ideal because all businesses should always be a work in progress, be organic and, for me, the whole team has validity in contributing towards this progress.

I had the best day with the best humans. So inspiring.
Yellow sticky action points are already underway.

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