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The Business Co-Pilot, AKA David Holland, has some globally outstanding credentials. David has worked with business owners in 27 Countries, plus 15 States in the USA, travelled over 425,000km building his own businesses as he helps his Clients to build theirs – at the same time having a great family life in the process.  In this video, David interviews Lisa Cooper and Sam Acton of Domestic Angels Franchising asking them the challenging business questions that delve into the underlying ‘whys’, values and visions of this UK household name. Providing an insight into the rise and rise of home-based businesses, this interview is a ‘must watch’ for anyone looking for a better understanding of the future of business and UKPLC. Watch the interview here:

➡️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vxz7ytPodg&ab_channel=DavidHolland-TheBusinessCo-Pilot

Domestic Angels is nationally known and locally owned by you. As part of the franchisee team you will need to have a passion for customer service with strong communication and organisational skills. We’ll put these together with our training modules and 90 day mentoring plan to get you up and running on the road to business success, your business success.

Join our team and…

✨ Take control of your time, life and money!
✨ Work on your own business with the security of an established business structure behind you!
✨ Focus on customer service, your team and making a difference in people’s lives
✨ Be surrounded and supported by your extended franchise family
✨Have fun, work hard and play hard!

Call 0333 577 2650 today or book into a private meeting by following this link https://calendly.com/lisa-domestic-angels – tell us why you want to open your own Domestic Angels business