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‘Focussing on what we can do and not on what we can’t do’ is one of my key mantra’s for business and life. Giving too much time and energy to stuff you can’t control or do anything about can only result in frustration or in some form of negative mood. Generally speaking, such a mindset simply perpetuates itself, becomes an ever-decreasing circle. Now is a time like no other when I must give as much energy as possible to what I can control, what I can determine, what I can create. My franchisees need to do the same and when they find themselves not feeling so strong they absolutely must turn to myself and the wider Domestic Angels family for the energy and inspiration to get them back on track.

Great connection is required to tap into our energy source and like so many others we have turned to the internet and the Zoom platform to maintain our connectivity. Our zoom meet ups started so that we could share the load of the strain which evolved during March as Covid-19 impacted business and eventually all of us individually. We very quickly began to look to the future, how we could have a bit of personal fun and upskill for business. This week we had a well-being week, time and input for us as humans rather than business leaders. On Monday we were joined by Lindsay Shepherd who prepared us for the week with focus on our mindset, how to avoid frustration, to stay relaxed and to energise. Lindsay will be joining us every Monday for the time being whilst we adapt to our new ‘normal’. On Thursday we welcomed Jady and Aly Graham of Beauty Rediscovered to talk to us about ourselves physically in particular about our hands which have been washed to the point of dry skin pain during the last few weeks. Jade and Aly generously guided us through regular store cupboard items which can fix our hands without going to the shops along with a great set of other tips for eyes, face and body.

Lindsay, Aly and Jade, I thank you personally for giving your time and expertise to help us survive as business leaders and individuals during this unsettling time.

As a franchisor I am passionate about my franchisees, about making the difference even in the face of a global pandemic. When you become part of Domestic Angels, you not only become part of a business, you become part of a movement that allows everyone to take control of their time, lives and money.

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