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Domestic Angels held the company’s summer term strategy meeting this week, with guest and franchise master Simon Hawtrey-Coombs providing his expertise.

Business growth guru Simon brought the themes of personality strength and lead generation to the table at the meeting, attended by Angels director Samantha Acton and new franchisees Hazel Burnett and Charlotte Waldron.

Simon worked with each franchisee on concepts to help grow their net wealth, setting goals and action plans in the process.

Samantha said: “At Domestic Angels we believe in nurturing and investing in our franchisees. Their success is our success so we only believe in collaborating with the best in the business and Simon certainly fits this bill as the premier franchisee in his field.”

On the back of Simon’s advice and guidance, the Angels launched the company’s Summer Targets and Treats initiative, which will earn the franchisees a glorious five-star day out on board a motor cruiser, including lunch… but only if they hit their targets for the next three months!

Charlotte, who runs the Poole Coast & Harbour franchise, said: ‘Today’s meeting was excellent. Simon is an absolute pleasure, totally focussed, and kept us concentrating, inspired and positive.’

Bournemouth Central Parks franchisee Hazel added: ‘I feel that I have a greater understanding of the various categories of lead generation which I can use to expand my business, in particular through networking. I now know what I need to do to double my business, so thank you Simon.’

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