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file1The infographic shown here clearly displays the classic reasons why women are more reluctant than their male counterparts to start their own businesses. It is my concern that these statistics reflect belief rather than fact, that us ladies just need to believe in ourselves a little bit more.

‘It’s too risky’ – yes, businesses fail but it is far easier to find yourself stuck in a job which you don’t particularly like and doesn’t suit your family needs. You can reduce risk by carrying out research and planning in advance of launch, get advice, the Start Up Britain Bus being one port of call to put into your diary http://startupbritain.org/bus/

‘Concerned the business will fail’ – we are all concerned that our plans will not be realised in quite the way we have imagined. Seek good and solid mentors to guide you through the rough and the smooth. Mentors have years of business experience and often offer their services free of charge or at a minimal cost especially to start-ups. Try contacting your local Outset http://www.outset.org/

‘The current economic climate is too difficult’ – this is a perception which could be applied to any month of any year however the strongest businesses are often born out of the ashes of recession or the necessity of the founder. If you really want to succeed, and you’ve done your homework well, the economic climate will rarely hinder the most determined.

‘Need more skills’ – developing and running your own business totally from scratch, from the proverbial blank piece of paper, does involve rolling up your sleeves and learning all of the disciplines of business from bookkeeping to employment law and far more. Purchasing a comprehensive franchise which takes these pains away so that you can concentrate on business growth is an option. Take a look at The Domestic Angels management franchise opportunity which also allows you to work from home and flex around family demands http://franchise.domestic-angels.com/

‘Don’t think I could get enough money to start up’ – many business ideas need very little financial investment to get off the ground, the big demands are often your own determination and time. Seek guidance from your mentor before approaching investors and ask the Financial Consultants at http://www.outset.org/ to check that your figures are robust and to recommend local funding groups


If you would like to find out more about the Domestic Angels franchise opportunity, email franchise@domestic-angels.com or call 01202 267350.