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Thank goodness it’s the other double bank holiday, bonus days and all perfectly wrapped around a weekend so that we all have a change of pace. It’s a chance for all of us to reconnect with ourselves and disconnect from the old routine. To put family and personal priorities centre stage for the first time since Christmas. Surely waiting until a public holiday isn’t the idolised and much talked about work life balance, is it?

Do you sometimes wonder who or what you are working for? How did I end up here? Trapped on a corporate conveyor belt or pre-determined ladder of progression which obliges you to conform? A pathway over which you have no control that requires you to achieve a pre-described set of goals ultimately for the benefit of who? You?

We specialise in giving people control of their time and their lives throughout the Domestic Angels family. Our franchise partners are glad of the Easter weekend too but they know that when they return to work it’s on their own terms. They benefit directly financially and in terms of satisfaction from the effort they invest.

I am in control of my routine, my time and my life, I am my own boss with my own business, my own staff. Family values and moments remain the same all year round for me because I chose these above the old routine and have never looked back. You too can make this decision, put your values first. Our Franchise Partners operate their own home-based management businesses, benefiting from years of my experience, enjoying the same success as I have, without the risks. If you are highly motivated, organised and enjoy people, you can enjoy this success too. I’m Sam Acton, founder of Domestic Angels, download our Benefits Brochure to learn why our Franchise Partnerships reduce business set-up risk and allow you to prioritise your values and the people around you.

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