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We asked some of our franchisees how they have evolved and what they have achieved this year as a result of being part of the Domestic Angels family:

“In the last year I have evolved in fully understanding what makes my business work, feeling content and settled in knowing what I am doing and seeing my business starting to look after itself.  This has given me the precious time with my family who were the reason why I became a Domestic Angels franchisee.” Deb Broomfield, Christchurch office

“Having a franchise in Domestic Angels has allowed me to spend more time with my family and increase my earnings, all with the support from the Domestic Angel’s family” Anna Bruce, Southbourne Office

“This last year has been a busy one, I have been able to grow my business and shape it to fit around my personal family commitments and voluntary work. It has given me strength both personally and in the business sense to know the path forward to grow my business while being able to be there for my family.” Hazel Burnett, Bournemouth Central Parks Office

And why did one of our new Franchisees make her decision:

“I already own a small business and do some part time work, I have been looking to become a franchisee in an already established business as I already know the immense struggles to start up from brand new. After researching many different businesses I came across Domestic Angels. I thought the business and their ethos was incredibly suited for myself. After meeting with Sam and Lisa and the rest of the team that clarified it for me, I definitely wanted to be part of the family and joined the team! I am very much looking forward to building a great and successful business with them.” Clare Waldron, Ferndown & West Moors Office

Our Business Partners are in control of their time, life and money. They are their own boss with their own businesses and teams. Family values and moments remain the same all year round for them because they chose these above the old routine and have never looked back. You too can make this decision, put your values first. Our Business Partners operate their own home-based management franchise businesses, benefitting from years of experience, enjoying the same success, without the risks.

If you know you could improve your live by having your own business, if you are looking for a low-risk option, if you are inspired by the achievements of others with independence and are curious about the possibilities for yourself, then Domestic Angels was made for you. You will be highly motivated, organised and enjoy people, you can enjoy this success too at a realistic and achievable franchise cost. Contact Sam or Lisa today on 01202267350 or franchise@domestic-angels.com and download our Benefits Brochure to learn why our Franchise Partnerships reduce business set-up risk and allow you to prioritise your values and the people around you.