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The Domestic Angels brand is very important to all of us including our franchisees. As your franchisor, we look for opportunities to ensure we are informed and up to date with legislation without creating onerous and inhibiting requirements. Today we attended the Lacey’s Solicitors Intellectual Property seminar at the divine Chewton Glen Hotel in Hampshire. Our first speaker, James of Giant Peach, provided an express masterclass in building a brand highlighting the need to inject personality, positioning and purpose.  Domestic Angels has been covering all 3 of these bases since 2002, as franchisees you have the opportunity to buy into this winning combination, unique in the industry and franchise sectors. The team at Lacey’s took the stage to ensure we have considered the complicated areas of copyright, trademarks and design patents. Domestic Angels and logo are registered as trademarks giving us sole rights of use in the market place. We take action on a regular basis to protect this trademark to further strengthen the brand keeping our franchisees in a very strong position.

The minefield that is Intellectual Property is extensive, our role as franchisor is to ensure that all contracts, processes and branding is protected as fully and reasonably as possible. Your role as franchisee is to enjoy the results of our efforts.

Our thanks to Lacey’s Solicitors and Chewton Glen Hotel for hosting and delivering a very informative and relative seminar.

If you would like to find out more about the Domestic Angels franchise opportunity, email franchise@domestic-angels.com or call 01202 267350.