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Mr and Mrs Best found themselves caught out by the impact of the Covid-19 virus as government recommendations stepped up. Mr Best of Westbourne, Poole, had vital doctors and hospital visits scheduled, essential for his health. Unable to drive himself and in need of a supportive arm to move between vehicles and buildings, attempts to secure a taxi or charitable service failed due to high demand leaving both Mr and Mrs Best distressed and desperate.

Their regular home help provider, Domestic Angels, made phone contact to routinely check in and immediately responded to the Bests dilemma by reaching out to their wider Angels family to provide the perfect solution. Mr Best thanked Domestic Angels by saying “you are absolutely marvellous and true Angels in disguise in our time of need and vulnerability, someone answered our prayers and sent Denise, who didn’t just assist getting me there and back but without her help in the doctors sorting out a problem I didn’t understand, I don’t know where I’d be. Your speedy response to my call this morning and quick assistance from your team, got me to the hospital and reassured Molly, my wife, I would be alright. We can’t thank you enough, you are true Angels”

Hazel Burnett, manager of Domestic Angels Bournemouth Central Parks recalls the event “We have been looking after Mr and Mrs Best for a while now and because of the current situation I am contacting my customers more often than usual to check they are ok and reassure them during this challenging time. Yesterday when I called the Bests, I was instantly able to call upon the wider Domestic Angels family to create the right solution. These are not services we are often asked about but are a total joy to provide.”

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