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Ask yourself honestly, do you really enjoy a fixed 9 to 5 routine? Or a routine that is dictated by somebody else? If your answer is no, then if you are not already thinking about running your own business perhaps you ought to be. As leader of your own business you are able you to determine your own hours to suit you and your business success. Just imagine the freedom of having that control over your time.

Would you like your income to reflect your efforts, your results? Fed up with lining somebody else’s pockets? Running your own business isn’t always easy and the first few months need some serious effort on the path to establishment. On the upside, every pound you make in profit will have meaning and the amount of pounds in your pocket will directly reflect the effort you put in. Rather more satisfying than seeing a flash car on the boss’s driveway.

Are you a team player? And prefer leading the team at the same time? As owner of your own business with an engagement culture you can wear both hats with ease and encourage others to do the same making your life easier and your business more successful.

Have you any experience in selling? Think carefully about this, your experience might have been in a very subtle form but still be selling. With your own business, there will always be selling involved whether you intend to provide a service or a product to your customers. Self-belief will be the key to your success.

So, have you ever thought of running your own business?  Click here to take our quiz, and find out if being in business is for you.

If your answer is yes, great, let’s chat about whether a Domestic Angels business might be the solution for you. Contact me to arrange a no strings attached chat:

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