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Domestic Angels was founded in 2002 as a simple solution to work life balance. 19 years later, healthy, grown and stepping confidently into its 20th year, the business still provides the same solution not just for the founder but for the franchisees, Angels and customers. Everyone gains control over their time, life and money and enjoys the consequent freedom. Happy Birthday Domestic Angels!

The founder of the mighty Domestic Angels is Sam Acton, her thoughts on this milestone are clear. “I’ve grown with this business. I’ve learned so much and so much about myself because of being ‘in business’. For me it’s a creative experience. I create opportunity and solutions which benefit everyone who is in the Domestic Angels family and who joins us. Our family includes the franchisees, the Angels, the customers, the head office team and all of our expert consultants around the world. Without a shadow of a doubt, we are locally owned and globally known. Entering our 3rd decade will see this fact dominate as the demand for help in the home and businesses with people at their heart becomes prolific.

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