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Everyone enjoys recognition, we all like to know we are doing well but when it happens on a national level the impact is overwhelming and nothing short of surreal. However, this is real, it is happening and as a relatively young franchise this status tells us quite clearly that we are punching well above our weight. In amongst all of this headiness, the most delightful reward of them all still remains seeing my franchisees grow and succeed. This is the bonus as a franchisor that nobody told me to expect and yet it is by far the most important of all. I have strived to put together the best possible business framework, package, systems etc in place to ensure people choosing the Domestic Angels Management Franchise success, witnessing these incredible individuals succeed and literally change their lives for the better is delightful and humbling. It reminds me that my work here is not yet done, I want to help more people have the same liberating and empowering experience. My team want me to win this award, they tell me that they are winning so I am winning too, it’s true.

Would you like your own home-based business and be part of strong strategic team? To benefit from an award-winning business framework yet enjoy independence? Domestic Angels is all about giving people their lives and their time back, if you would like to enjoy these benefits, find out more at www. http://franchise.domestic-angels.com/ email franchise@domestic-angels.com or simply call 01202267350.