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If the secret of property is Location, Location, Location then the key to a successful and burgeoning management franchise like Domestic Angels is Engagement, Engagement, Engagement.

With that in mind, Angels head office duo Samantha Acton and Lisa Cooper headed to London to take in the ‘Engagement Excellence – Live’ conference hosted by experts Reward Gateway.

Director Samantha said: “As employers, we believe that Domestic Angels management franchisees deserve to enjoy full and effective structures to ensure engagement excellence.

“We have great things in place already to support franchisees, including a range of communications, company-wide termly meetings, support and supervision processes.

“But we are keen to continually improve and work with the best experts we can access and attending the conference in London has certainly given us further scope to continue building.

“The benefits of investing in engagement excellence are clear – not only will we make the world a better place for our staff to work in, simultaneously we will have staff who go above and beyond to deliver the great customer service which has become synonymous with Domestic Angels.”

If you would like to be supported as a management franchisee by a team motivated to continue evolving its commitment to engagement excellence, call Domestic Angels today.

You will also enjoy the benefits of a tried and tested management franchise business, based around a solid framework of support that gives you back your life and time.

If you would like to find out more about the Domestic Angels franchise opportunity, email franchise@domestic-angels.com or call 01202 267350.