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Are you like me? Great at some stuff, really great and clueless about other stuff? That makes us pretty much the same and very human. Everyone has their strengths, comfortable topics and skills along with weaknesses, fears and then there are things we just know nothing about. Let’s have a bit of honesty here, my strengths are that I am visionary, creative, optimistic, stimulating, able to inspire others, can multitask, quick to get results and I am great at getting things started. Conversely, I am impatient, over-optimistic about others, easily distracted, and terrible at getting things finished. What about you?

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are they being utilised and nurtured as much as possible giving you fulfilment in your work and personal life? Or are you a square peg in a round hole plodding through life? Found yourself stuck on the conveyor belt of life not feeling the greatest of successes wondering if there is something better out there for you?

“Everyone is born a genius,

but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,

it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

How about stepping off that conveyor belt and playing to your strengths with your organisational, communication and customer service skills? Be in your own environment where you can feel fulfilled, challenged, in control and even comfortable about evolving your talents? Choosing the right franchise can allow exactly this to happen and genuinely feel this great. You will be your own boss, in control of your time, life and income, and be able to do what you do best all of the time by focusing on what you can do, not on what you can’t do.

I am in control of my routine, my time and my life, I am my own boss with my own business, my own staff. I am at my best when I am free to create, when I have a team to promote and a team to watch the details. I excel when I’m kept focused on the big picture strategy and the creative process through to the end result. You too can make this decision, put your strengths first. Our Franchise Partners operate their own home-based management businesses, benefiting from years of my experience, enjoying the same success as I have, without the risks. If you are highly motivated, organised and enjoy people, you can enjoy this success too. I’m Sam Acton, founder of Domestic Angels, download our Benefits Brochure to learn why our Franchise Partnerships reduce business set-up risk and allow you to prioritise your strengths and the people around you.

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