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There is no avoiding it, we currently live in curious times. We are also all trying to make sense of directives from government and noise from the media, not always easy but I am sure, like us, you are looking to deploy your typically British spirit wherever possible.

You are probably swamped with ‘virus’ noise and we apologise for adding to this but we would really like to reassure you and clarify one or two matters.

  • What best practice has Domestic Angels put into place with their staff? – Angels have been asked to wash hands on arrival at all properties, to then put on gloves to be left at or binned (allows for customers preference of reusable/disposable gloves with reusable being treated at the end of service) at the property then wash hands before leaving. We recommend you should be doing the same at home, this may feel odd but necessary
  • What will happen if my Angel falls poorly? – Angels are all following guidelines regarding self-isolation. If this becomes necessary, your manager will be in contact with you to make alternative arrangements wherever possible and keep you informed of how your Angel is doing.
  • What happens if I develop symptoms and need to isolate? – please call your Manager straight away to suspend services during your period of isolation and to arrange any delivery/collection services during this time.
  • Are Domestic Angels considered to be an essential service? – Yes! We have been liaising with government agencies regarding continuing our services in the face of isolation. At this stage we have been reassured that our services, in particular for elderly and vulnerable folk, will be considered an essential service and will be allowed to continue on the proviso of hand washing (above) and self-isolation practices (below). Whilst we will be able to visit our customers under these conditions, like yourselves, we will not be able to visit our own relatives or friends. We know some of you are already considering suspending service to yourself or relatives, please give a thought as to what this actually will mean at the point that you cannot visit your relative but we could have done if we are still delivering service. Isolation is a terrible thing.
  • My place of work/office is empty for a few weeks whilst we work from home, can the Angels give it a really good clean? – Absolutely. Call your manager to put your office on our centralised ‘to do’ list

If you want to discuss any of the above please contact your manager, we will help in any way that we can. By working together, we will have a business at the end of this unusual experience, you will have the service you enjoy, and the Angels will have jobs. Please take care of yourselves.