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Domestic Angels Poole Coast & Harbour was established 5 years ago by customer service champion, Charlotte Waldron. On 1st February 2023, Charlotte handed ownership of her business over to fellow franchisee Clare Waldron. They are not related, promise!

Clare says “I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to be taking over the Poole Branch of Domestic Angels, I’m looking forward to meeting all the Angels and getting to know the clients. I’m in no doubt it’ll be an amazing success and go from strength to strength.” Clare already leads the successful Domestic Angels Ferndown & West Moors branch and now adds Poole to her portfolio of businesses. Clare Waldron, Franchisee Ferndown & West Moors

Charlotte wants everyone to know “I would like to thank Domestic Angels for the opportunity it has given me. I have met and worked alongside some fantastic people. My time here will not be forgotten. Domestic Angels Poole Coast & Harbour is in Clare’s safe and knowledgeable hands, I look forward to Domestic Angels Poole enjoying a successful future with her.”

Personally, I want to thank Charlotte for her time with Domestic Angels, this lady is a complete marvel who I have enjoyed working with so very much. I wish you all the best for your next adventures which we all look forward to supporting. As for Clare, congratulations on the expansion of your business portfolio. Having witnessed first hand your powerful talents in the Ferndown & West Moors area, I know your new business will reflect your business flare very soon.
(Very happy) Director of Domestic Angels Franchising


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Sam Acton
Director of Domestic Angels