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A small group of Domestic Angels franchisees have been working closely with David Holland (pictured) one of the leading business coaches in Europe. As part of an on-going development project focussing on our value led customer proposition, the franchisees are taking full advantage of their time with David to focus on implementing value turnover techniques. These are not always easily adopted by individuals but with David’s relatable coaching techniques the team not only embraced these techniques, they are growing in confidence and beginning to develop their own variations which they have begun implementing almost overnight.

Good quality coaching is important for all of us in business. As franchisor at Domestic Angels I enjoy the very best on offer in business coaching, so why shouldn’t my franchisees? Our value led customer proposition project sees the business move away from a price obsessed culture and into an arena which is reflective of our new post lockdowns economics and community. It’s more reflective of our ethics, more respectful of our staff and captures with enhanced clarity the values our customers treasure: reliability, trust, quality, service and support. The franchisees and customers are already enjoying the rewards of this approach even at this early stage.

Not only do we choose the very best candidates to become Domestic Angels franchisees, we also give them the very best coaching we can offer.

To find out more about franchising at Domestic Angels, call 0333 577 2650 or book a private meeting with Lisa, our Operations Manager via https://calendly.com/lisa-domestic-angels

 To find out more about the business coach David Holland https://resultsrulesok.com/ or https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidhollandmba/