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Since Domestic Angels was established in 2002, I have spoken to possibly thousands of people about our business, the services we provide and the difference we make in people’s lives. In more recent years I have spoken with people about how we have extended making this same difference with our franchise offering.

There are many reasons why people look at investing in a franchise. A safe and effective exit from the corporate hamster wheel. A way of generating income on their own terms. To fulfil and satisfy their supressed inner entrepreneur. Mostly, to be able to whole heartedly put family first.

The theme of family is greater than ever for those people who have been in contact with us in more recent times. The biggest motivation of all, and the one that is closest to my heart, has been emerging amongst us for quite a few years. It has now become key, accelerated in its growth by the adversity endured through Covid-19.

People find themselves changed, changed for the better with a desire for a different future for themselves and their families. Furlough and lockdowns gave so many of us the luxury of stepping out of hard wired routine to experience the benefits of time in our lives first hand. And we don’t want to lose this luxury, we want it as our norm.

Did Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions change your view of life too? Change your view about how you want to generate your income and your time?

We can help.

A Domestic Angels Franchise puts you in control of your own time, life and money with limitless potential.
Join our Domestic Angels Franchisee Team and…
✨ work on your own business with the security of an established business structure
✨ feel supported with an extended franchise family behind you
✨ focus on customer service, your team and making a difference in people’s lives!

We’re looking for people who want to have fun, work hard and play hard.
Intrigued? Call 0333 577 2650 today or book into a private meeting by following this link https://calendly.com/lisa-domestic-angels – tell us why you want to open your own Domestic Angels business ✨


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