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Putting people and values first has been and remains key to everyone’s success and happiness in the Domestic Angels family. By remembering that we are all human, not machines, that we all have family commitments as well as businesses, the Domestic Angels formula is unique in providing a protective and facilitating framework in which their franchisees survive and thrive.

For the franchisees, being parents and family members is their number one priority, having a business that gives them peace of mind allows them to keep their priorities in order and to enjoy them. Right now, they are all involved with home schooling their children of varying ages. Their businesses are still open for trading with customers in similar scenarios leaning on them for vital support at home. The franchisees manage this perfectly by remembering that they are human and so are their customers, we are all in this compromising time together. As franchisor, my role is similar by lending support, listening to whatever it is they need to get off their minds and quietly addressing and resolving any concerns. This is not the moment to push for growth, I know each of them are picking up new business as and when the home-schooling timetable allows, without sacrificing their priorities or their health.

As a business owner, when you are up against what looks and feels like an endless mountain range of challenges, having a support network is essential.

Business owners often claim to have this in place but in reality, insecurities prevent them talking to, or turning to anyone until a situation is crucial. Within our franchise family, franchisees have invested into a support network right up front, it’s part of the deal. Franchisees hear from the franchisor team on a regular basis, off-load on a regular basis and enjoy an empathetic leadership team who will do whatever they can to tune into the situation of the franchisee, provide support, structure to create peace of mind wherever possible which includes success in business as well as personal priorities. Franchisees should and do always feel looked after.

If you’d like a chat about how you might enjoy the Domestic Angels family , drop me a line, we’ll arrange a coffee and a chat: sam@domestic-angels.com