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“I hope our baby grows up to be like your son”

Wow! What a huge compliment. Flattered and humbled are understatements. Hearing these words recently summed up the efforts, decisions and time taken over the last 20 years since our son Jack was born. I feel like I’ve won a gold medal in parenting but be quite clear, I am the first to agree that it takes a village to raise a child. I am also quick to point out that my husband and I chose that ‘village’, including the ‘residents’, the pace of life and all of its glorious character forming impacts. More importantly, it is quite clear to both of us that we would not have made such great decisions if I hadn’t created time in my life for our lives.

I left the corporate hamster wheel and founded my business, Domestic Angels, when Jack was just one years old because sharing nursery runs at 7am and 7pm 4 or 5 days per week isn’t being a family. It’s a corporate financial trap which, back in 2001, was still rare to escape. Move the clock forward a couple of decades and not only have people been seriously modernising the cottage industry sectors with vineyards and cheese production but so many more people are wanting to change the way they earn an income. Covid lockdowns have accelerated a society change that was already underway. We all want to buy or earn time more than ever.

Parents seek this time, and they should, it’s the perfect antidote to the disappearance of the extended family. Domestic Angels gave me the ability to have time. Time which enabled us as a family to have the conversations that matter and time at the dinner table without being in a mad dash. Time to feed the ducks on the school run and play in the park after school. Time to be able to be active parents at the various sports clubs, to be at each rugby game, school play and to be chief hot chocolate maker and hugger when life didn’t feel so great. I believe it’s because we had this time, and continue to do so, that Jack has become the rounded confident young man he is today, living his dream in the world of sailing. Token picture to the right (proud Mum moment).

Juggling work with parenting is a challenge!
Create a business that fits around family, rather than fitting family around work 👌
You CAN grow a successful business AND be there to pick up the kids from school and never miss a play.
A Domestic Angels Franchise puts you in control of your own time, life and money with limitless potential.
Join our Domestic Angels Franchisee Team and…
✨ work on your own business with the security of an established business structure
✨ feel supported with an extended franchise family behind you
✨ focus on customer service, your team and making a difference in people’s lives!

We’re looking for parents who want to have fun, work hard and play hard.

Intrigued? Call 0333 577 2650 today or book into a private meeting by following this link https://calendly.com/lisa-domestic-angels – tell us why you want to open your own Domestic Angels business ✨
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