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I love Boxing Day. Great times with friends and family, maybe a favourite film, definitely happy kids, probably another festive gathering but this time it’s relaxed, it’s natural. We’re in the swing of being together rather than rushing around, playing games without cutting them short, preparing food because it makes us happy not because it’s necessary, conversations are taking place. This is the family feeling and interaction I want to preserve all year round, I want to make it last forever.

Only a few days to go and the kids will return to school and nursery, that’s fine, you could still maintain this great level of family interaction if your work commitments didn’t get in the way. Work means time pressures, rushing from work to the school gates, a dash to the shops before crashing into afterschool hobbies and homework. Very soon the relaxed sitting to the table to eat and having those valuable conversations is diminished by the pressure to get things done, get the kids to bed and, even worse, get the bedtime story over with because you need time.

Are you in control of the routine or is the routine in control of you? You are back on the same old treadmill with the family values, the moments, you held so dear on Boxing Day diminished and becoming a distant memory. You’ll have to wait until Easter before you can reincarnate what is important to you.

I am in control of my routine, my time and my life, I am my own boss with my own business, my own staff. Family values and moments remain the same all year round for me because I chose these above the old routine and have never looked back. You too can make this decision, put your values first. Our Franchise Partners operate their own home-based management businesses, benefitting from years of my experience, enjoying the same success as I have, without the risks. If you are highly motivated, organised and enjoy people, you can enjoy this success too. I’m Sam Acton, founder of Domestic Angels, read more about us to learn why our Franchise Partnerships reduce business set-up risk and allow you to prioritise your values and the people around you.