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We’d like to introduce you to Angel Jenna, Mum of 3 and much appreciated Angel to many customers. You can see in this picture that Jenna is wearing a rather special apron, in fact, it is bespoke. Handmade by Jenna’s 12 year old, especially for Mum, how much prouder could a parent be? The apron is a credit to a 12 year old’s talents, a Mum’s great parenting and the family culture at Domestic Angels.

With schools closed, parents have become overnight home school teachers in all subjects for all ages. If that wasn’t challenging enough, they also have to be the fierce protectors of the health and well-being of everyone under their roofs in the face of the COVID-19 virus. Both challenges are more than a step up from the usual homework and loving care. Like parents across the country, our Angels are stepping up to the challenge along with their managers, our franchisees and the team at Head Office. We are very much in this together, we are family. This situation isn’t always fun but when it is, we want to celebrate those moments.

When you become part of Domestic Angels, you not only become part of a business, you become part of a movement that allows everyone to take control of their time, lives and money.

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