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Is the prospect of returning to work when the kids go back to school daunting? Wonder how you will have everything done at home and retain your sanity in the evenings whilst supporting homework, doing the brownies run or making a last minute cat costume? I remember this well and is a big reason why I started Domestic Angels. I don’t mind working hard but it is really handy to work from home on my own terms so that my household is in order, so that I can magically create a cat costume when required. Even better, during the teenage years I’ve been behind the door with hot chocolate when it counts, trust me, GCSE’s take a lot of hot chocolate.
If you would like to work hard on your own terms, be able create cat costumes and make hot chocolates, then take a look at the Domestic Angels management franchise.

Why Domestic Angels?

Domestic Angels is a multi-award winning home-based business offering you a management franchise to give you the opportunity to build your own business around your life commitments, be your own boss and establish a lifelong income source which will flex and grow with you over the years.
If you would like to earn c.£30K PA on your own terms email franchise@domestic-angels.com

If you’d like to chat about taking control of your life with the support of Domestic Angels, you can contact me on 01202267350 or franchise@domestic-angels.com.