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The management team at Domestic Angels Franchising delivered an #AskTheExpert workshop for prospective franchisors on 7th June sponsored by The Get Set for Growth organisation. With in depth first-hand experience on how to franchise a business, how to be franchisors and how to nurture successful franchisees it was no surprise that the event was fully booked. Delegates enjoyed a full and comprehensive agenda with particular focus given to the scalability of their businesses and setting bold goals to take next steps.

Director of Domestic Angels Franchising, Sam Acton, ……..”We are passionate about franchising as a route to growth for existing businesses and a route to business for budding entrepreneurs. As we carried out all of our preparation inhouse to franchise Domestic Angels ourselves, we have more knowledge than most when it comes to the complexities of preparing a successful franchise model and relationship between franchisor and franchisee. We have a very strong business and successful franchisees for very good reason.”

If you would like to be part of a franchise network which gives you control of your time, life and money via a home based management business model, benefitting from the experience and expertise of the Domestic Angels management team so you can enjoy success without high risks then contact the team today on 01202 267350 or email franchise@domestic-angels.com.