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In 2020, Domestic Angels was appointed as Ambassadors for the Department of Work and Pensions. Our specialist topics are redundancy and loan parent employment. We are committed to advising on and demonstrating best practice in the areas of:

  • Using redundancy to switch job types
  • Employment of loan parents

Our appointment as Ambassadors is based on our extensive experience and commitment. When humans are surrounded by the right people, the right support and empowered to make use of opportunity, a successful outcome can be reached.

As franchisors we provide people with the post redundancy option of their own business. They become their own boss with a fully defined set of business processes for a fast track to establishment and profit.

Our franchisees provide people with employment options which directly reflect their life circumstances. This enables them to earn in a dignified, safe and bone fide environment.

This combination results in happy customers, happy staff and happy business owners. It is no mistake that Domestic Angels holds this Ambassadorship on behalf of HM Government Department for Work and Pensions.

To find out more about franchising at Domestic Angels, call 0333 577 2650 or book a private meeting with Lisa, our Operations Manager via https://calendly.com/lisa-domestic-angels