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Yes! New year! Not so much ‘out with the old and in with the new’ but a moment in time to celebrate all the brilliant memories made during the year and the prospect of memories to be made. Where will the holidays be, what memories will be made, what milestones will be celebrated, what objectives have we got in mind as individuals or as families and what achievements will actually be talked about in a year’s time?  There is so very much to smile about, the memories and the anticipation.

You’re looking back on the year which has just come to an end, much to celebrate but so much you didn’t give your 100% attention to and now the moment has passed. You can’t get that time back. It’s gone. You can only wish that you had spent more time with the people who needed you, that you had given more attention to matters of importance, that your time and energy was always used in the best possible way. A head full of regrets.

Even worse, with the festivities drawing to a close, the routine of workaday life is about to resume and the same old constraints and pressures on your time and life will resume. Precious moments grabbed, everything is a dash, you’re rarely totally in the moment even for kids, you are out of control.

I am in control of my routine, my time and my life, I am my own boss with my own business, my own staff. Family values and moments remain the same all year round for me because I chose these above the old routine and have never looked back. You too can make this decision, put your values first. Our Franchise Partners operate their own home-based management businesses, benefitting from years of my experience, enjoying the same success as I have, without the risks. If you are highly motivated, organised and enjoy people, you can enjoy this success too. I’m Sam Acton, founder of Domestic Angels, download our Benefits Brochure to learn why our Franchise Partnerships reduce business set-up risk and allow you to prioritise your values and the people around you.