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Good Morning All, I want to share with you on this special day a major trigger point in my life, 9/11. I remember exactly where I was when the planes hit the towers, I was at the BBC South Today building in Southampton staring at a screen in disbelief like many others around the world. However my 7 month old son was at nursery in Bournemouth as he was all day long 5 days a week at that time. It was suddenly too much, sacrificing time with my son for the sake of a ‘career’ was immediately no longer an option. Long days away from the home, tired evenings and weekends attempting to organise family life, it wasn’t life, it was programmed, nearly automated, survival. Little did I know that only a few months later I would walk away from being controlled by corporate life, by others, and take control of my destiny by establishing Domestic Angels which has given me 15 years to look after my priorities as I see fit rather than in accordance with somebody else’s agenda.
Whilst the recollection of the #September11 easily brings tears to my eyes I am grateful for the trigger point and the courage that overwhelmed me to change my life.
Find your courage wherever you are in life, you will never regret doing so.


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