Liz Povey, Manager Domestic Angels Christchurch, tells us why she recommends Domestic Angels

What is the best thing about being a Franchisee?

“Being a franchisee allows me to achieve the home work life balance that I have always dreamed about.  I feel very lucky to be one of the few people in this day and age to achieve business goals bringing fantastic finance to my home and also be there to pick my little girl up from school, not miss out on the Christmas performance or opportunity to help in the school not to mention if she is ill I can be the first one that she sees. “

What do my children love about me being a Franchisee…?

“It allows me to be a wonderful role model to the children, they see me work hard, run a team and deal with all different walks of life, yet be able take as much time in the holidays to be with them, there is no need to struggle with childcare anymore, which is one of the many plusses about having a Domestic Angels franchise.”

What does my partner loves about me being a Franchisee…?

“I am able to work from home which is fantastic, I feel relaxed in my environment but also feel very much part of a team. The support that I receive from Sam Acton and the other franchisees is second to none, the door is always open for business chats or personal which is rare in this world.  I feel they are a back bone upon which I can lean when things are tough in business or personal life.

I can see that my partner is proud of me building a successful business, we always enjoy talking about growth and future for the franchise. He also very much enjoys that we can look after the home together in a non-stressful way and be there for the children and the dog!”

What does a typical day look like…?

“My days vary which is also fantastic, I meet new clients and catch up with exciting ones, always nice to see them for a cuppa and a natter.  Enviably, after I drop my little girl to school and have a dog walk, I am onto the computer catching up with emails and looking after my Angels which is a pleasure. It’s always exciting when I find new clients to help, a very rewarding part of my role.  I also enjoy the challenge of social media, I’m not good at that sort of thing but we as franchisees bounce off each other and are able to use each others ideas, so you are never alone!” 

Would you do it again…?

“I cannot imagine my life now being any different.  Not fearing school holidays, because I cannot find or pay for child care, not struggling to keep my house in order and my family happy.  I just would not want to go back to a 9-5.  My life has changed for the better, financially and personally. Thank you Domestic Angels.”

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