Frequently Asked Questions

What is franchising?
Franchising is an arrangement between an existing brand or business and a person or persons who wish to start their own business. The existing brand and business model is the ‘Franchisor’ and the new entrepreneur is the ‘Franchisee’.
From the franchisee’s perspective, they glean the benefits that come with the franchisor’s experience, established business model and brand but get to run the business themselves and receive the rewards of the income it generates, less royalties and ongoing costs.

Is franchising a sound way to do business?
It absolutely can be. There’s around £13billion in the UK franchising industry and the sector grew by a whopping 20% during the last recession as the economy shrivelled by 2.5%.
Franchises like Domestic Angels have a sound, solid and proven business concept behind them so the chances of failure are vastly reduced compared with a regular start-up or prototype franchise.
The most important thing is to do your research and we’re here to help at Domestic Angels Franchising so give us a call to discuss your needs!

How much does becoming a Domestic Angels franchisee cost?
The initial franchise fee is just under £16,000, which is a discounted figure for the company’s first signed-up franchisees. After those initial sign-ups the cost is £18,997.

What about ongoing costs?
Domestic Angels claims royalties of 10% of franchisee profits, plus one or two other costs to cover social media marketing, software, book keeping etc.
These figures are based on a ‘real business’ operating so we are confident in them.

Will I earn money from day one?
We’ll be honest here, it’s very unlikely you will. Becoming a Domestic Angels franchisee involves a start-up cost and franchise fee and it’s likely, as you build the business up over the initial months, that the chances of making a profit will be slim.
However, all three of our current franchisees were making a profit by month two, with Christchurch territory one Deb Broomfield bucking the trend to make a profit from day one!

What experience do I need?
Experience within franchising is not a prerequisite of booming a franchisee, nor is experience of running a business, although obviously it would be an advantage.
All we ask of our prospective franchisees is that they are willing to work hard and buy into the Domestic Angels ethos. Their work ethic, values and passion must match ours because our business is based on family, trust and professionalism. If that sounds like you, give us a call!

Do I need to know how to run a business, though?
As we said, it would be an advantage but the key bonus with becoming a franchisee is the support you get from Domestic Angels when it comes to keeping your business running smoothly.
We provide marketing and PR support, training across customer service and within national initiatives and our internal communication is second to none – we’ve got your back!
As well as all that, our head office manages your book keeping and provides accountancy provision meaning you can focus on business growth and, just as importantly, manage your work / life balance to work for YOU.

Is my initial investment safe?
Franchising is a resilient way to do business but, of course, nothing is risk free. At Domestic Angels, we are all about support and many minds are better than one. Our track record of success backs that up and we’re confident we can help you make a success of your business as a Domestic Angels franchisee.

How do I find out more?
Get in touch with us! We’ll guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. If you decide that joining us is for you, we’ll invite you to fill in an application form and tell us more about you and then you’ll be invited to an official discovery session where you will be able to see the nuts and bolts of Domestic Angels first-hand and go through your business plan.
After that, you will receive a personal meeting with Domestic Angels chief executive Samantha Acton where your territory will be reviewed and your franchise agreement released for review.